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Nature Soujorn: Tres Marias Falls

Mother nature is such a great wonder that never ceases from unleashing its awesome assets to every human being alive. It never fails to draw one's feeling of dullness and boredom transform to a thrilling excitement and awe as it ventures down to the imagination of every thrill seeker. Nature is always welcoming and enticing, it's as if I'm interconnected with its roots that it bonds to my existence. One such asset is the mysterious Tres Marias falls hidden in a remote town of Cateel, Davao Oriental, that holds a very intriguing name because of its three major falls intricately intertwined with minor falls and forms a weblike shape if viewed atop from the huge rocks guiding it.

This nature wonder is enveloped with mystery and reverence as the Mandayas(native settlers in the area)believe it to be the citadel of the gods as well as to the encantos for thousands of years. It serves as a warning to every visitors and natives alike that it should be respected and not to be dis…