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Cateel here I come

wohahha, I will be leaving for Cateel late this evening. I am Super excited to see my hometown again. lol. I will be back to Davao by July and I will be leaving Davao for a month or so.




kain na!!

inuman na!!!

lapit na din ang parochial fiesta samin. haha..

SEE you guys sa July.

RIP Nanay Rening

Today's the birthday of my late grandma, (+)Reina Agujetas Reyes-Day the mother of my Dad. When she was still around, I used to call her Nanay Rening. I really wanted to visit her in her tomb, unfortunately I can't because I'm still in Davao and I can't go back to Cateel yet, not until I am done with my DR cases. Probably I'll be at my probinsya later this week, and I'll surely get to visit her. the last time I saw my Nanay Rening was a day prior to my departure going to Iloilo City for a youth convention, and that was barely five years ago. I can still remember that she gave me a sum of Php5oo as her pabaon to me, and I really hug her tightly for that. anyways, so much for the reminiscing,lol. It's already June and I'll be coming back to my place and I will be seeing my friends there. I will surely visit all of the hot spots there. I really wanted to eat our native delicacies like paksiw na saugnon, fresh tatud with suka, ginisa na tatat, lupak na sagi…