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Life after 20 years; a pursuit of happiness

I celebrated my birthday yesterday with some of my good old friends from high school, elementary and even kindergarten days, a reunion of friends at the same time. i prepared some seafoods and some wine to add taste and excitement to the occasion. I originally planned to have the party exclusive to my family because of the reason that I can't throw a huge evening party to all. yes, I don't have that enough money, in short- I'm experiencing financial in the middle of the party, thoughts came to my mind when I went to the CR, I remembered my friends who've been a part of my life already, "I wish they were here" was the line murmured by my mind. I just missed them.

We had fun the entire night and we shared so many memories that were almost forgotten in the bypassing years of our lives. I just couldn't contain the feeling of self-contentment.

Personally, my 21st natal day is a turning point in my life as an individual where I feel that life is in…

I'm at City Library

This day proves to be a boring one. I woke up early.Ate my breakfast early. I took my bath early just like I used to and glued myself to morning news at CNN and Umagang Kay Ganda. After an hour, 'di ko namalayan, I had fallen asleep again. haha. and poof, I woke up just when Game KNB players were shouting "Ba-Bye-Ba-Bye" to a contestant who lost the game and when Edu would say, "Let's do the Papaya Dance". Later this afternoon, sa sobrang ingay sa apartment (kasi nga, I was ALONE), and since I can't use my PC ( the CPU is at my friend's house- needs to be reformatted), I decided to go out. I rode a PUB going to the Museo Dabawenyo to browse on indigenous crafts which is one of my interests ever since. I hastily went to open the gate of the said Museum, only to find out that it's close for general cleaning. I thought I was going to get inside. It was pretty dispappointing actually. but I lost no hope, so I decided to go at City Library instead.…

It's May DAY

I Hope it's not too late.

To my Mom- Happy Mother's Day to her.
To my aunt Marf- Happy Birthday.

These are the two women I considered to be influential in my life's sojourn. They were the butter to my bread. I was recently working out my schedules. My training in AITAH is very demanding that I have to sacrifice some of my work- including my time here writing stuffs (which i missed so much). It's mid-May already. Gotta Enjoy my summer.