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Whirlwind week..

Wohohoho!! just came early this day all the way from our bukid (i thought hapon pa sya dadating) to attend my graduation ceremony comes April 1 ('di sya excited) lol. kaya ayun.

Well, sa sobra na namang katamaran, I did not went to school for the graduation practices, imagine 5-9pm ang practice? hehe. napag-isip isip ko rin na may kainan kina June-ann kasi nga graduation day nila ngayun. (food trip na naman). kaya ayun. lol. i even have to sacrifice my schedule in OR completion tomorrow(sayang naman). hay ang sarap talaga nang alimango, sugba, sea foods,and of course mawawala ba naman ang Lechon??hehe. nagkita-kita din ang mga high school classmates ko. kain doon, kain dito, laugh there, laugh here (argh, tama ba yun?)

Anyways, sa week na ito, di ko na matatandaan ang ginawa naming practices- just repeating the thing itself- i was pissed off!! (kaya ayun, nag absent ako for today's practice.) kaya nag- anime marathon ako- Elfen Lied, Bleach, Prince of Tennis at a…

I made it!!

me and the rest of the speakers

It's already March, and It's been days already that I haven't updated my blog. well, it was because I was really so damn busy for the whole week since last week. so many things happened like a spark, a hurricane week to say talaga, grabe gayud yang kakapoy.

Hmm, you might wonder why, it is all because I am graduating, ayt I am, yes, I AM GRADUATING!!, and I really have to work my ass out to finish all of my requirements in fast drip motion..hehe. thesis presentation, duty extensions, make up classes, seminars, what else? of course ang Long exams- they're all done!!..

Reality check: hmm, our pictorial for the school yearbook will be this Wednesday, and i am super gotta trim my hair. of course, to look better and neat. lol

wow, at last

grabe, lipayay ako kay at last tapos da gayud yang kanak klase( ang that would mean, i wudn't have to wake up early, no more babad sa study, and no more allowances..huhuhu)
after those four grueling years of hard work and perseverance, eto na, I am graduating in college, or better shout it, I AM GRADUATING!!!!!..hehe. well, times flies so fast for me, parang kelan lang. it was just as if yester\\