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RETREAT letter excerpts

Our section (BSN 4Q) just had the retreat last Nov 19-21, 2007 and it was really a great experience for me especially that l learned so much from my self. One of my memorable moments was when we were task to do our self Consciousness examination. That moment had a big impact to me.

And of course, who would not be excited for the letters. Lots and lots of letters. Lol. Receiving letters from unexpected people is just a big compliment knowing that they see the real ME. My liver just got enlarged (hepatomegaly)... haha.. Thanks for the letter guys, it means a lot to me.ooopps, let me share some excerpts from those letters that really made me hmmmm cry, and SMILE.. haha...

-...kuya john, happy retreat sa iyo, one step closer to graduation na lang.. KATHY (YFC execom)

-...thank you for being nice to me, be a good boy always.. CHING (my classmate)

-...hello to my big brother sa execom..beh, kuya, i se a good leader in you..kaya lang minsan ma-feel ko ya na dali lang naga-init imo ulo..hehe .God bless po sa future nyo..HONEY (YFC execom) are always an inspiration for me and for all the members. i honor you for being always active, for being hardworking and for being patient with others in the service of our God.. i always thank the Lord God that i met great people in the EXECOM (of YFC)..ADIEL M. (YFC Execom)

-...hehehehe, kamusta ang rotation? You’re very approachable and friendly. smile always.. SHA (kasama ko sa St. Mary's Ward na Head nursing)

-...congrats sa retreat..anyway, thank you kay wala pa ka na amnesia, you still recognize my face sa campus-stay happy, calm and relax..MONAY (my PCI in Primary Nursing)

-...hope daghan ka la learn sa retreat..He'll never leave you, 100% sure..JESTON (YFC member)

-...I’m really proud of you, i know you can make it..AUBREY (Classmate and YFC Execom)

-...ei bro, lamat for introducing YFC into me...continue what you are doing..CHOI (Classmate and YFC super-member)

-...sorry for the times when I’m not in the mood, ma taasan teka ug boses, makasab-an teka, soorry jud..slamat sa anan jan...JILL (classmate and YFC execom)

-...remember that no matter how life struggles bring, you always have HIM and me down here..te ANGEL (sis in YFC)

-...WOW!!! Retreat na jud ninyo!!!..talagang blessed ako kasi i met're so magaling, magaling, magaling..i really look up to you..keep on inspiring people with your wisdom..CHARM (Medtech stud, friend and YFC member)

-...what you've shown me is simply the best!!.Rhyan C (BSN 4C, YFC and bro)

-...john parang kelan lang na yagraduate kita sa ng High school. I’m happy that the closeness is still there.. Idol takaw..KIM (high school classmate and friend)

-...It is you who had witness it all!!..JEZEL (classmate, YFC execom PARTNER)

-...i am looking forward to more of your directive skills on the remaining days of your semester in SPC..JANMARK (BSN 3rd year, YFC exeCOm) must not stay on the same level of being there..gorw..change..become.. Transform.. CONCHA (classmate, friend, service partner and YFC execom)

-...salamat sa tanan you john.. KATH (classmate and group mate sa THESIS)


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