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A Mandayan Poem

Bahay Kubo sa Banban 1995

Hain yang Kanak bāy?Danny C. Sillada

Ga-hanap ako ng kanak bāy,Pero hain sa yang kanak bāy?Sang butay, sang subâ, sang lungsod,Sang lawod yaga anod-anod?
Yang mga ompô ga-laong:Yang bāy ta amā ng ba’ongBisan unān pa ngini ka duõmKit-an sa gihapon yang dawom!
Madaya man o mahilawodModag-sâ gihapon sang bungtod;Hanapon mo man o dili,Molotaw yang kinabuhi!
Kung hain man ako ya-gikanAmo yang kanak piyag-panawan?Ngadto sang tumoy ng kalibutan,Yang pag-hanap ko way utlanan…Pero hain sa yang kanak bāy:
Ya-anod, ya-dagsâ sang baybay?‘Kung ikit-an mo da yang kanmo bāy,Lang-a ako daw hain mosubay…’

Where is my Home?

I’m searching for a home,but where is my home?In the mountains, planes and rivers,drifting into the sea?
The town’s elders once said:a home is like a coconut shell –no matter how bleak it is insideyou’ll feel at home even in its darkness!
You may drift upstream or downstream,you’ll alw…

another hectic week

Last week was a hell (exams, you know). and this week is going to be yet another hell. and YES!!

-exam was over
-my PCI(Practicing Clinical Instructor) Rotation is coming to its end
-case defense was finished
-PCI notebook is still in progress
-never mind..
at least, last week was a good weeeekkk.
Putting aside my medical books and hospital duties i went to a comedy show with some friends hoping to put some life in our decaying nursing lives. my 200php was all worth it.

I didn't go to school today not because it's Student's day but because I'm still finishing my PCI notebook, and I'm having difficulty of just doing it up. tomorrow's the seminar of the Group 4.. Good luck guys. still have so many things to catch up this week..huhu..

Reality check:
Gotta be doing a paper jog to make up for my absent this day!!
Pancreoticojejunostomy is the opening of the pancreatic duct and anastomosing it side to side in the jejunum

What is LOVE??..

A group of professional people posed this question to group of 4-to-8-year-olds: "What does love mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think ...

"When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn`t bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That`s love." - Rebecca, age 8

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth." - Billy, age 4

"Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs." - Chrissy, age 6

"Love is when someone hurts you. And you get so mad but you don`t yell at them because you know it would hurt their feelings." - Samantha, age 7

"Love is what makes you smile when you`re tired." - Terri, age 4

"Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy…

once upon a student nurse's LIFE

SPC students sharing their clinical experiences, funny clinical experiences..hehe
student: excuse me, ma'am...mag-terminate na po ako ng IV.
CI: Okay...go ahead, you terminate yourself. Do it on your own.
student: huh? ma'am? ah...sige po... (*scratches head and walks away)
*********************7-3 shift, endorsement time: Out base Hospital Ward
student nurse: good morning endorsements, Room 2**, john d****, in due to...(staff nurse interrupts..)
nurse: ay, ay sir, next patient na lang Em Je Ech(MGH-May Go Home) na na!! (hehe)
St. N: umm, yes mam (unsa daw??)


Out base Hospital Ward:
a student nurse (ambot taga asa) approached a head nursing student from SPC
St. Nurse: Mam pwede maghulam kadali ug MEMS drugguide..
SPCian: ai mam, MIMS imo pasabot?? (sabay hatag sa MIMS drugguide)
St. nurse: Yes mam, MEMS!!..(haha)

a watcher approached a nursing aide
watcher: mam asa dapit and St. L**** ward??
NA: ai ,mam naa pa sa taas nga floor..
Watcher: ai salama…

Pinoy Rocks!!

here are some of the funny pics that made me laugh out loud. well, these pics proves that man is not perfect, and in this case, it's the Pinoy who rocked the boat. enjoy!!..

sheltered jud??hala sige , diha nako magpuyo..ahahahaha

SLAMbook..bang!!..kadungog pa kaha ko ani??hahaha

Ok lang, i understand, THING YOU too!!..nayahahaha

bang, so bawal jud ang pangit ha??at least, pwede pa diay ko kasulod..hahaha

sige na nga, "Pinoys are really hot", parehas nako..ahahaha

grabe ang pa impress ha, dumudugo na ilong ko!!

Hmmm, what did you just say??

wow, mura lang pala ang buble, with whistle pa (courtesy of Michael Buble)..haha.

yes, i won't go closer to you!!!haha

barkada getaway

It's already quarter past one in the morning. almost everyone is quite asleep. the neighborhood is at peace. but me, KayC and June-anne are still very noisy. laughing and eating. Tatet just came by for some chit-chat and went home afterwards. He's just so tired. lol.

Earlier this evening, we roamed around the city aimlessly for like three hours with Tatet as our Our first stop was at Jack's Ridge. we looked for a place there to eat but we ended eating at my crib instead. i just bought lechon manok for 130 Php. after that we went to Matina shrine, stayed there for almost an hour and then back to downtown. we dropped by at McDo Ilustre. We ordered five Apple pies coupled with McFlurry all at my expense, and only to find out that I've spend 400Php in just four hours. Anyways, it was all worth it. I was with my high school classmates this day.

the exams was just done, and I could care less.

PS: Happy bday PAX (my college buddy)

Happy birthday Drew!!

Thank God, our exam in MS was over. It was a bit difficult, but I managed to answer all of the questions, far-out questions After the exam, I went to Andrew's crib with my classmates and barkadas for a birthday treat by drew. we just ate and ate, and laugh and laugh until we have nothing to ate and laugh. lol. I particularly ate voraciously on lechon(roasted pig) and Pinoy style spaghetti. Of course who wouldn't love those. lol

After the heavy dinner session, I played poker with the rest of the gang. And mind you, it was my first time to play poker, and I just fell in love with it. lol. We all just enjoyed Drew's b-day. the rest was all but fun and fun. Well, I'm looking forward for another poker

Reality reality:
still have to study Christian Ethics and Asian Civilization for tomorrow's exam.

expect the unexpected

Let's say, I'm both elated and frustrated.

We just finished our first day of exams, and it was all worth it. The Rizal exam was a very, very, very easy one, far more than what i expected it to be difficult ( I was like, HUWhhHHat??, is this an exam or what?.lol). Thank God I did not dwell much on reviewing it early this morning.

The exam in Seminar in Nursing proved to be a nose bleeding one, not only that, it was time consuming that I almost fall asleep halfway in answering those mind boggling questions ( I like, HHUWhhTtt??,can somebody help me??). I thought I was ready for it. I hate it. I was like guessing the whole period and staring flat in the questionnaire.

One more frustrating thing, our Prof just showed to us our class standing grade in Seminar and oh my oh my, I only accumulated 76 percent. Hindi ko kinaya. haay. very frustrating. anyways, I need to review for tomorrow's exam- It's gonna be Medical-Surgical Nursing.

Well, i just …

it's examination time, ( not this time please)

i woke up early this morning because i have to review on my midterm exams. my anxiety is already escalating from mild to moderate. the exam is scheduled this afternoon, but i am not ready, huhu. i should have reviewed yesterday but because of laziness, i just glued myself in front of my PC busy doing nothing.

The subjects are Seminar in Nursing covering Cardiovascular disorders, Respiratory disorders, Gastro-intestinal disorders, and Perception and Coordinationtopics (oh my, oh my. i am just scanning the books and photocopies i have and i don't know if they'll stuck in my brain at all) and Rizal covering 18 chapters (which i barely read) lol. i hope i can make it. lol.

RETREAT letter excerpts

Our section (BSN 4Q) just had the retreat last Nov 19-21, 2007 and it was really a great experience for me especially that l learned so much from my self. One of my memorable moments was when we were task to do our self Consciousness examination. That moment had a big impact to me. And of course, who would not be excited for the letters. Lots and lots of letters. Lol. Receiving letters from unexpected people is just a big compliment knowing that they see the real ME. My liver just got enlarged (hepatomegaly)... haha.. Thanks for the letter guys, it means a lot to me.ooopps, let me share some excerpts from those letters that really made me hmmmm cry, and SMILE.. haha...

-...kuya john, happy retreat sa iyo, one step closer to graduation na lang.. KATHY (YFC execom)

-...thank you for being nice to me, be a good boy always.. CHING (my classmate)

-...hello to my big brother sa execom..beh, kuya, i se a good leader in you..kaya lang minsan ma-feel ko ya na dali lang naga-init imo ulo..hehe .Go…

The Call of Limocon, A MandayaTragedy by Danny C. Sillada

The Call of Limocon
By Danny C. Sillada
When the limocon hoots that morning, Misak, a Mandaya warrior, did not heed to its call; instead, he was obstinate to continue his strenuous journey through the thick forests of Compostela Valley, the neighboring region of eastern Davao, part of the major island of southern Philippines in Mindanao.
“Ayao sa cay itin magpanao”, said the mother of Misak persuading him not to go because of an impending danger ahead of him as forewarned by the limocon.
“Way tuo-tuo doon, kung yang kanak Madayao mawã lamang na way dugo na modanak…” a stubborn response of Misak to his mother saying that the omen is meaningless if his beloved Madayao was on the verge of being taken away; only death could stop him from protecting his Mandaya princess from his fierce rival named Kalele.
The limocon, known as the bird of omen, plays a vital ro…

HOLCIM Cement Plant tour and exposure

at the machinery part

left wing of the cement


me, melai and our tour guide

at the operational unit

with the tour guide

topmost right part of the plant

the defense

Yesterday was a very exhausting day, really a very exhausting day. I came to school almost late because of a heavy traffic along Bacaca Road. when i reached school, I had to hurry and get the photocopied shifting exam at 'Nang Tere(based in our school). I almost stumbled when I reached the PG building stairs, buti na lang, i was able to hold on the wall. I just laugh out loud (yeah, literally, and with my self). I was hurrying because I thought that I'm gonna be late. But when I got at our room, Mam Marcelino was not yet around. I was too excited. LOL. well, only a few of my students and my co-PCI, Mark was on the room. we started late in the defense, and we ended late also at lunch.

At lunch break, i have to go back home and finish my Christian Ethics write up. after that I hurried back to school for the hanging defense of my students. i was expecting that we will end up early at our scheduled time. but our CI had to stretch it for like tow hours. so we ended at 6PM, (a…

busy doing nothing

I just thought of writing something with sense at this moment, but I just can't think of something good. my hands just can't stop from moving. LOL.

Maybe, I better share what have I gone through this day. My day was spend with nothing but a day with boring stuffs. I was really anticipating for this day because our students is going to have their case defense, but it just turned out to be one big library work.

Our CI (clinical instructor) suddenly called up telling me that the defense is canceled. I was ecstatic of course because that would mean a break for me and to my students. Too bad, our CI shrugged us to go to the library instead of going home. Imagine, jailing ourselves in the lib for almost 6 hours. LOL. that made me go insane.

let's get started

Hi peeps, I'm just new here. i just got interested of joining this blogging site plainly for these five reasons:

1. share my daily experience
2. develop my writing skills
3. meet exciting people
4. make this as a habit
5. lose my weight (maybe this would help me forget to eat more)

It's been months already that I thought of making a blog site for myself, but because of my busy busy schedules, i could barely realize it. but now, I am here at last. I'm pretty sure I'll be enjoying this one.